Back from the BBELT Conference

22 FEBRUARY, 2016
Although the trip to Mexico was quick, I managed to see and do a lot.

The BBELT event was extremely well organized and the British Council took exceptionally great care of us.

Some of the interesting sessions I attened included:

* English as a Lengua Franca (Martin Dewey)
* Let's talk about our development (Nicola Meldrum)
* The reality of being dyslexic (Philip Haines)
* Reading Shakespeare in translations (Tom Cheesman)
* To teach...or to coach (David Barber)
* Getting older...getting wiser (Jane Revell)
* Why and how teach poetry (Yamil Narchi)

The streets of DF were FULL of life and I loved visit the arts and crafs market, the cathedral, the Templo Mayor, the Ex-Teresa church, Moneda Street and the San Juan Market.

Thanks to all who attended and participated in my talk on The Journey of Teaching! Click on link to Facebook to keep in touch if you'd like!